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Yes& is a collective of women storytellers. Beautiful and brave women who know the immense power of story and vulnerability. Women who are living out of their God-given identities and passionately believe in living transparent, connected, and love-filled lives. At Yes&, we're making space for the 'me toos,' the 'what ifs,' and the 'I don't knows,' believing that we overcome (even the darkest and messiest places) by the power of our story (testimony) and grace (love).

At first it was just an idea, an idea that swirled in Morgan's head - keeping her awake at night and dreaming during the day. Morgan wondered what would happen if women knew how much they were loved and knew they weren't alone in whatever they were experiencing? What if women granted each other permission to be real? To pull down the masks and facades and vulnerably say, 'here I am.' And what if instead of facing judgement or bullshit answers, you know, answers like, "We don't understand God's plan," or "God just needed one more angel in Heaven," these women were granted permission to be - be real, be surrounded, be loved?

You see, Morgan had walked her own road of brokenness and arrived on the other side somehow more whole and alive. As years passed, she started to encounter other women who had suffered grief, pain, and brokenness of all kinds and only wanted to know that they too would be okay. She couldn't shake the idea of creating an online space for women to encounter hope through storytelling and community. 

Morgan enlisted the skills of her talented (and hunky) husband, Dave, who just happened to be an uber talented Graphic/Web Designer to build out a space. While Dave worked on the site, Morgan began listening to the Spirit inside her, dreaming up all that Yes& could be as a releasor of hope and freedom to the world. She also began talking to friends and women she encountered, asking them if they would be willing to author their stories on Yes&. The support was overwhelming, confirming that the time was right for the birth of Yes& as a collective of story & grace. With butterflies in her stomach, Morgan chose to ignore the voices that said, "Who are you to do this?" and instead committed herself to writing and curating stories. And so the journey began...


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