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Why Create a Show like The FIND?

Despite the current fear-based landscape of media, we actually believe people are craving stories that not only entertain but connect humanity at a heart level. As a family, we are on a mission to prove that love is winning! By illuminating the stories where a person's passion intersects with a need in humanity, we believe people will be empowered to appreciate cultural differences, take humanitarian action, and ultimately change the world! 

Where Can I Watch?

The very best place to watch the show is at 

$300k raised on Kickstarter

All 3 seasons have been funded via Kickstarter through some incredible people like you! To date, we've raised nearly $300k to produce The FIND and past film projects.

What is LGHtv?

LGHtv is the Non-Profit we've produced The FIND under. LGH stands for "Light Gives Heat" and originated as a non-profit that worked in Africa, but we quickly realized we were in the storytelling business, and began producing world-changing media. 

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