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Today we’re live from Colorado at FACTORY co-working space in Grand Junction with a modified set-up we brought from California. We discuss the wild entrepreneurial ideas we've had on our travels and we'll tell you why Dave was in the emergency room today.


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Show Notes

Opener -

I’m Morgan Hansow and this is my husband, Dave - we’ve spent the last 20 years on a wild adventure that’s taken us to Africa, the Oprah show, and Hollywood.

Welcome to Chasing Unicorns… a podcast about giving ourselves permission to chase our dreams, explore our faith, and figure out who we are, all while trying to keep our crap together!

As Creatives, Humanitarians, and Parents, we’re learning (sometimes the hard way) that the hustle and pursuit of the elusive unicorn will never satisfy.

Each week we explore what it looks like to live authentic, passionate, and connected lives while being a part of a movement that’s trying to transform the world through story + grace.

Overview of today’s show -

Welcome to Chasing Unicorns! Today we’re live from Colorado! We’re in The Factory co-working space in Grand Junction with a modified set-up we brought from California.

Yeah, we flew into Denver last week for the wedding of one of our best friends and then we drove over the Rocky Mountains to our home town of Grand Junction to spend some time with friends and family. Every single day we’ve had coffee, lunch, cocktails/happy hour, and dinner with different people—just trying to fit in as many meet-ups with people as we can, including our dentist, because even though we’ve moved we can’t give up our beloved Dr. Davis so we just set up our cleanings for times we come back to visit.

That is true! Well today we thought we’d invite you into a little travel diary...I guess I’ll start by this medical thing that has overshadowed much of this trip for me. I actually spent my morning in the ER room for this stupid skin rash. It started a week and a half ago with what I thought were a cluster of super itchy mosquito bites on my forearms. When they got bigger I thought maybe a spider bite or an allergic reaction but when they started to blister around the wedding last Friday I realized it was something that needed some medical attention so I used - for $59 you submit a photo of your issue and you get a diagnosis within 24-hours (and a prescription if you need it). Within a few hours I received a diagnosis of Impetigo - a bacterial skin infection - and the doctor called in a prescription for topical antibiotics which I’ve used the last 4 days. I have been a freak with keeping my arms covered (I’m even sleeping in long-sleeved shirts and washing my towel daily) and washing my hands b/c I was told it’s really contagious. Really I hate this kind of stuff...not only is it gross but I was SO hyper aware of not spreading it that it’s been allconsuming and I’ve been wearing sweatshirts and long-sleeves in 100º weather.  But today I woke up and noticed that they didn’t seem to be improving and actually were starting to spread so after every attempt to be seen by a doctor in town (some of which couldn’t get me in until October) and realizing that urgent care doesn’t do dermatological conditions, I had to resort to the ER. So $1000 later I have a diagnosis of Contact Dermitis and another prescription of an internal antibiotic and a strong hydrocordisone for the itching. I also found out that it’s not contagious and never has been and essentially it’s an allergic reaction. The spots are on my forearms are right at the spot where my arms rest on the table if I’m on a computer or the spot where my arms would rest on armrests on a chair so I’m pretty sure I picked up something at a public place like a coffee shop or restaurant. I’m not a germaphobe, especially with all our travel, but I think from here on out I might start carrying disinfectant wipes and wiping down surfaces b/c this has absolutely sucked!

It really has, and I hate it for you - you’ve been so miserable (which I don’t blame you for b/c it really is yucky and I feel bad for you) and yet you’ve handled it SO well in the midst of all the meeting up with everyone. No one would have any idea unless I didn’t bring it up! ;)

Yeah, thanks for that...

Well you know me...I just like vulnerability and this thing has been such an overshadowing cloud over our last week and our travels that when people ask how we’re doing, it feels false to leave it out!

So there you have my medical issues, but let’s get to the meat of what we wanted to talk about today. As far back as we can remember, some of the best conversations between Morgan and I have happened on our travels. In fact, most of our big ideas and business pursuits have been dreamed up on road trips too.

Travel Diary

That is true! Traveling can be dangerous for us! I think I buy a few more domains every time we travel! (which if you don’t know, Morgan has a thing for domains and GoDaddy, I think we own 70 or 80 domains - it’s kind of like virtual real estate. One year she bought a domain for $10 and had someone buy it for $750. But most of them are ‘someday’ ideas or businesses right?) Right, although we did buy the domain for our kids’ name. In this day/age we just figured that was good insurance to hold onto that for them in case they want it someday for some venture. But yeah, going back to this idea of being inspired during traveling (and especially as summer starts and more people find themselves traveling) we thought it would be fun to go through some of our entrepreneurial ideas that were hatched on the road!

Well you know me and my memory, so Chrome Buffalo, is the one that sticks out the most to me…

Led to the ‘Buffalo Empire’

The FIND concept - trip in June 2013 (5 years ago)...

Moving to Redding

A BIG Thanks to Factory Coworking in Grand Junction, Colorado. If you’re passing through and need a place to work or you live there and you’re looking for office space, check them out:

We also wanted to let you know about a weekend event coming up in Southern California called Misfits Unanimous. We attended this incredible workshop by our friend CJ Casciotta in Nashville just a few months back and let me tell you… it was fantastic and super useful. So on July 19th-20th, he’s hosting this event in Southern California and we thought you should know about it. Go to to learn more.

He’s created this unique system to walk individuals and organizations that honestly helps you clarify your mission and realize what makes you weird. We couldn’t recommend this weekend enough

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“Today’s show has been brought to you by the words ‘On the Road.” As much as we plan, most of life is lived the on the go, especially in our fast-paced world. Wherever this summer is taking you, may your eyes be opened to see wonder and possibility. May you free yourselves to imagine and dream. May your new surroundings and the break from the norm allow you see things in a new light. And above all, may joy and creativity abound as you’re on the road wherever your travel plans take you!

Closing/Signing Off:

“Until next week...keep embracing the mystery, asking questions, and giving yourself permission to enjoy the process. And watch out for those freakin’ unicorns...they’re glitzy and shimmery and full of crap!” ;)

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