Ep. 25: Keep Going


Today we’re talking about Keeping Going—the choice to press in and move towards your dreams and that whisper in your heart where your passions are calling. We’ll share some POWERFUL good news stories, explain why we have over 400 Christmas ornaments on our tree, give 4 movie reviews AND circle back around to hear about Morgan’s post-test Happiness scores. Oh and we’re gonna share some exciting news about an upcoming adventure that we’ve been invited into!

A Still Small Voice and a Gunshot:

Major Brent Taylor Story: https://www.cnn.com/2018/11/05/us/afghan-pilot-letter-trnd/index.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twCNN&utm_content=2018-11-05T22:17:28


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Timeline: 30 minutes total

Teaser/Cold-Intro -

Opener -

I’m Morgan Hansow and this is my husband, Dave - we’ve spent the last 20 years on a wild adventure that’s taken us to Africa, the Oprah show, and Hollywood.

Welcome to Chasing Unicorns… a podcast about giving ourselves permission to follow our dreams, explore our faith, and figure out who we are, all while trying to keep our crap together!

Yes we’re chasing our dreams, AND as Creatives, Humanitarians, and Parents, we’re also learning (sometimes the hard way) that the hustle and pursuit of the elusive unicorn will never satisfy.

Each week we explore what it looks like to live authentic, passionate, and connected lives while being a part of a movement that’s trying to transform the world through story + grace.

  1. Overview of today’s show -

    Welcome to Chasing Unicorns! Today we’re talking about Keeping Going—the choice to press in and move towards your dreams and that whisper in your heart where your passions are calling. We’ll share some POWERFUL good news stories, explain why we have over 400 Christmas ornaments on our tree, give 4 movie reviews AND circle back around to hear about Morgan’s post-test Happiness scores. Oh and we’re gonna share some exciting news about an upcoming adventure that we’ve been invited into!

    It’s been TOO long… I’ve missed this! AND, I think I’ve been unconsciously wanting to avoid recording this episode because I know it’s the last one of the season and I’m sad. Although I would say that it also makes me equally anxious to have something unfinished and undone hovering around

    Unless it’s our garage and all the unpacked boxes you won’t let me touch!

    That is true, although we’re finally getting some rain, some much needed rain, here in Northern California - it rained all day and night yesterday and the rain that comes off the car has been pooling on the floor in the garage and yesterday I noticed it was getting a couple boxes wet - For now I moved them, but it does get me more motivated to go through them if I think I’m trying to save them from damage! Who knows, but now we’re digressing…you took us off topic with your off-handed garage comment, so you should reel us back in...

    Haha! Okay, well back to your point, it has been a few weeks and we are overdue for the season finale and I agree, it is bittersweet to be recording this for sure. Plus it’s going to be a stretch to keep it from going too long because there’s so much we could touch on or talk about since we’ve had almost a month that’s gone by! We’re going to do our best to be both thorough and concise - right up in that tension!

    Yeah, we have had A LOT happen in the last couple weeks in particular so it’s going to be fun to share this exciting news in this episode at some point!

    Yes, we had quite an eventful Thanksgiving break, not to mention the fact that we had 3 separate traditional Thanksgiving meals while we were back in Colorado. We certainly got our fair share of turkey and stuffing and deliciousness. But it was definitely time with family and friends that filled us up (and we got to meet our new niece, Gracelynne, who’s adorable) True, so cute! We hope you all had great Thanksgivings with your families and friends and loved ones! And now we prepare for Christmas, which is hands down, the favorite in the Hansow home.

    We’ll get into Christmas a little later but if you’re like me, I’ve spent the last 2 days almost glued to my computer taking part in the consumerist trap that is Cyber Monday (and Cyber Monday Extended which is really just Tuesday). I’ve got some incredible deals and I’m pretty much done with our Christmas shopping but I think this is a good time to pull back from the small stories we get sucked into with promotions and daily deals and flash sales and find the GOOD in humanity…

    Good call, here’s some GOOD NEWS - splices of what’s going right in the world

    Even though we’re ‘hardwired’ to respond to bad news, we think it’s our mandate to be people who point out out the beauty and truth in the world wherever we see it

    DAVE -

    So my Good News was actually sent to us by one of our avid Chasing Unicorns Listeners and dear friends in Nashville, Kate & Dustin - Dustin is a musician and he also did the sound for us in The FIND: Detroit

    A couple weeks ago, on November 14th, 19-yr-old Elina, who is the sister of one of Dustin’s friends, was kidnapped in Nashville in the afternoon as she was getting in the car after babysitting for a friend. The guy opened the door and got in and turned a gun on her. It was a robbery turned kidnapping where she was forced to drive around to several banks in an attempt to have her get $900 from an ATM. She was shot point blank in her side as she wrestled free from her abductor and ran inside the bank. Here’s the good news...Miraculously the bullet missed major organs She is okay and recovering with family in Denver but she wrote about her story and here’s where the good news continues… at the very end she writes this:

    “Lastly, to my abductor: To be honest, the last thing I am thinking about right now is how I feel about you. I want you to know that I may have been scared the second you opened that door, but after a few moments, there was peace and POWER inside that car and it was far greater than fear. And now, I am surrounded by SO MUCH LIGHT AND LOVE. I don’t know you. I don’t know if you pulled the trigger on accident or on purpose, or if you’ve really killed somebody before like you said, but now looking back I know that you were scared. Maybe with time it will be more clear — my feelings towards you, but for right now the only thing that comes to mind and that I am absolutely sure of, is that God’s grace that protected me inside that car, is sufficient for you too.”


    And you can read her account, entitled “A Still Small Voice and a Gunshot” - link: https://medium.com/@elinaodnoralov/a-still-small-voice-and-a-gunshot-c2afde191543

    1. MORGAN -

      Okay, this might be a tear-jerker… I know that for the second GOOD NEWS in a row I’m talking about a tragedy, but from our experiences and what we know to be true about the world, sometimes the GOOD NEWS comes on the heels of heartache, I mean, that’s essentially the message of the cross (when all looks like it’s lost and over, there’s resurrection and hope). And like we always say, we’re gonna point out beauty and truth WHEREVER we see it and this story wrecked me this a couple weeks go... On November 3rd there was an insider attacker in Kabul (Ka-bull) Afghanistan and Major Brent Taylor of Utah lost his killed. Brent, who was 39, has been in the United States Army National Guard for 12 years and had done two tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan and most recently he decided to leave his position as Mayor of North Ogden, Utah for a year-long deployment and he was supposed to be home by the end of the year. He leaves behind his wife of 15 years, Jennie, and their 7 children ranging from 13 to 11-months. And the reason why I’m sharing this story is because two days after his death, his widow, Jennie received a letter from Maj. Abdul Rahman Rahmani, an Afghan pilot who served alongside Taylor and I want to read that letter:

      Dear Mrs. Taylor,

      I am Major Abdul Rahman Rahmani, an Afghan Army Aviation pilot in the Special Mission Wing, stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan, a few miles away from where your honorable husband was shot yesterday by an evil man. I served alongside your husband, MAJ Brent Taylor. I flew missions with him. He was an inspiring man who loved you all. I remember him saying, "Family is not something. It is everything." You may or may not be aware of some of our cultural differences, but in Afghanistan family is not everything, for many of us, family are treated as property. Here, a woman cannot express herself fully, either inside or outside the house. Here, most families treat children unfairly. Let me admit that, before I met Brent, even I did not think that women and men should be treated equally. Your husband taught me to love my wife Hamida as an equal and treat my children as treasured gifts, to be a better father, to be a better husband, and to be a better man.

      Mrs. Taylor, Jennie, if I may call you that, I have lost eight members of my own family, including my father, three uncles and two cousins in this devastating war brought on to our nation during last 30 years. I have lost too many friends to mention. I have personally been wounded two times. I still have the scars of this brutal war on my right leg. However, I will continue to still fight this "good fight" in the words of your respectful husband. I am fighting for a great cause, as Brent said, "you fight for not only the safety of Afghans, but the safety of my family back in Utah. It is your fight that keeps us out of fear and out of reach of global terrorism. We [Americans] don't want another 9/11 to happen in the United States.

      Jennie, please pass my words to your seven children, whom I consider as brothers and sisters to my own five children, Taha, Taiba, Tawab, Aqsa and Wahab. Tell them that their father was a loving, caring and compassionate man whose life was not just meaningful, it was inspirational. I gained a great deal of knowledge from him and I am a better person for having met him. Were he here, I know he would not take any credit for that, but I want you to know it and to hear it from me. I am writing this letter to you about a man whom I considered a close friend, and whom I dearly loved. A leader; one who was the first to volunteer for any tough assignment. Never stop telling them what a great man their father was, he was a true patriot. He died on our soil but he died for the success of freedom and democracy in both of our countries. In his last message that I shared on my Twitter, he awakened not only Americans, but the world to the values of democracy and freedom.

      I want you all to know that most Afghans feel extreme sorrow and pain over the loss of your husband and father. When you think of our country and his sacrifice, I can't imagine your sorrow or sense of loss, but please don't think that the violent act that took his life is representative of our sentiments towards Americans. On behalf of my family and Brent's friends here in the Special Mission Wing, we pledge to continue to work hard until the end, the day when peace will return to our country and violence and hatred no longer claim the lives of both of our countrymen. I assure you that the one who shot him only represents evil and violence. I pray that God will give you strength, peace and show you his blessings in this time of great sorrow.

      Please accept my condolence and sympathy.

      God bless you.

      In deep sorrow,

      Maj. Adbul Rahman Rahmani, Special Mission Wing Pilot, from Afghanistan.

      Wow! I want to share this because stories like these matter! We lose our humanity when we look at whole people groups (whether inside this country or across the world) as “other.” The moment we label someone as ‘other’ we strip people of their humanity and open the door of justify judgement, hate, prejudice, and in some cases, cruelty, and deplorable acts. People are people and the media does a good job at giving us polarized viewpoints that help us easily put people in boxes. Jesus came to smash the boxes and tear down the walls and if anything, I hope this podcast challenges narratives, shifts perspectives and generates conversations. Not all people who are live in the Middle East are terrorists. The Middle East is full of noble and honorable men like Adbul who are fighting for freedom and peace. I love what he said, “I want you all to know that most Afghans feel extreme sorrow and pain over the loss of your husband and father. When you think of our country and his sacrifice, I can't imagine your sorrow or sense of loss, but please don't think that the violent act that took his life is representative of our sentiments towards Americans.” We cannot be people who judge an entire people group or culture by the actions of a few and we can’t strip people of their humanity just because we don’t agree with their religion, culture, sexual orientation, or political views. Maj. Brent Taylor’s life is not lost in vain, he is a hero and the actions of his life and the way he chose risk, freedom, and love are noteworthy and worthy of emulation. I think Adbul’s words are perfect when he said that Brent “died on our soil but he died for the success of freedom and democracy in both of our countries.” Well done Brent - your legacy lives on! And Well done Adbul - I know you’re probably not listening to Chasing Unicorns, but I just want to speak this to you - you are carrying the torch and your light, hope, and example will be far-reaching in helping heal not only Afghanistan but the world - your words have brought me hope and I testify to the reconciliation, redemption, and connection that you are walking in in your country, your job, and your home! And just a little encouragement to you listeners - you are the light of the world...people are watching your example. The way you honor and love people matters (whether it’s family, strangers, or people who are think or look differently than you)!


    Okay, let’s bring some tidings and good cheer with the “Be Kind/Please Rewind” segment in which we connect with our inner child and give ourselves permission to drop the Adult BS to talk about and try things that add beauty, joy, wonder back to life…

    We’ve never done this before, but we actually put up our tree before we left for Colorado, so before Thanksgiving. We’ve always had strict convictions of not putting up the tree until after Thanksgiving, but this year, we said, ‘Screw It’ and we embraced the whimsy of the idea -  I think we did it on Nov 11th (which sounds INSANE) but there was definitely a SUPER early push in retail with Christmas this year (with all the holidays actually) and we knew that we’d be getting back Sunday from driving 15 hrs and wouldn’t have the energy to do it then, so we’ve been relishing in our Christmas spirit and now we just have to finish up with the village and the other few boxes of decorations.

    If you saw our tree you probably wouldn’t believe how many ornaments are on it, if I had to guess, I’d say we probably have around 400 ornaments on our tree, maybe more - it’s really bright and full of memories and I love it but it’s funny because while in Colorado Morgan came home one day from a trip to a thrift store with a box of ornaments and I was like, “Babe, we have NO room for more ornaments on the tree!” and sure enough, she found a space for them all the night we got home!

    I love treasure hunting for vintage Christmas bulbs and I of course, there’s always room for more! Plus there’s so many memories on our tree and each year as we decorate the tree and enjoy it’s 6-week stay in our home, we get to take walks down memory lane. Each year we get 3 new ornaments that signify something of significance for that year. Dave and I each share an ornament and then we have the kids pick an ornament that’s memorable to them. So for example, this year I found a fun unicorn ornament made in the Philippians because Chasing Unicorns, and you our Listeners who’ve made this fun and worthwhile, has been one of the most significant thing in our lives this last year.  The kids are undecided for this year and are still exploring, but last year Asher chose a Llama because he was on a llama kick and Jadyn chose an ornament in the shape of the state of California to mark our move to CA and us settling down here. But it’s fun to go back and reminisce over all the ornaments each year

    Yes we have ornaments from each location where we shot a season of our show, The FIND, and a big Oprah ‘O’ from 2010 when we were on the Oprah show and our kids have been all over the board with their choices over the years. We have tons of Lord of the Ring and Star Wars characters from Asher and there’s most definitely Shrek and Donkey and Lightning McQueen from Asher’s obsessions in his toddler years. And Jadyn has lots of Disney characters - Princess Tiana, the Frozen Princesses, Tinker Bell, Joy from Inside Out and a cupcake that says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’ on it and plays the happy birthday song when you push a button. And then we have some ornaments from your youth, Morgan, including some ceramic precious moments ones (I think that’s what you call them) and a couple Baby’s First Christmas ornament from 1981 and then we have have a wooden ornament my Grandpa carved for us, which is pretty significant this year since he passed away in March. It’s just a tree full of memories and lots of bright poppy balls.

    Yep, lots of bright pink, orange, blue, and green and I think I have a few ornaments from the 60s that belonged to my Nana. And let me add that our whole aim having a tradition of choosing ornaments each year isn’t just to get more ornaments and build a bigger collection, but it’s really to stamp a year with a memory related to that ornament and then the bonus is that we’re building a collection for our kids which I know doesn’t mean a lot to them now, but in their mid-late 20s when they get married they’ll have a collection of ornaments that’s linked to their childhood and one day when they have kids they’ll get to pass the stories and memories along to them!

    Exactly, and I like what you did there when you declared that our kids will be waiting until their mid-late 20s when they get married! Ha! None of this 19 & 20 business like us! Ha!

  2. Alright Dave, take us on a truncated Deep Dive!

    1. Dave’s last Deep Dive of 2018 -

    Okay let’s jump into the last Home (Office) Huddle for 2018 - a segment in which we talk about what’s surfacing in our current pursuits—both personally and professionally—as a Husband/Wife duo and this week, our conversations have been centering around the concept of ‘Keep On Going’

    If you’ve been with us for the last 7 months, since the beginning, you’ll know that we’ve had quite the roller coaster of a season. And we’ve been pretty vulnerable and real about where we’re at and what we’re processing and contemplating and for the end of the Season 1 of Chasing Unicorns, we thought we’d better let you in on the things that have transpired in the last few weeks (as well as tie up any loose ends from the Season) and give the charge that we’re giving ourselves - which is to keep going!

    Back in August and September we talked about being in an emotional funk and in Episode 20 which was called Happy, you probably remember Morgan talking about an online course with a Yale Professor she was enrolling in called The Science of Well-Being. Part of our ability to keep going has been a result of lifestyle changes and choices based on some of the stuff Morgan learned - all stuff we’ve pretty much shared with you over the last couple months about exercising, getting sleep, practicing gratitude and savoring, performing acts of kindness, investing in connection/experiences, and choosing time affluence over money affluence. Well since I know you took post tests to wrap up your course this last week, how about you fill us in on if/how things have changed for you Babe.

Sure, in Episode 20 we introed the course and I talked about my baseline happiness scores and after 10 weeks I’m excited to share that my overall well-being score went from 5.25 to 8.5 (on a 10-pt scale) with significant increases in positive emotions, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health and also big decreases in both negative emotions and loneliness. And my authentic happiness score went from a 2.75 to a 4.08 (on a 5-pt scale). So a really measurable change. It’s really crazy to me how much can change internally when we choose to make external lifestyle changes and adopt good practices like mindfulness, meditation/exercise, and gratitude. I don’t think I shared this study/finding on a podcast yet, but I was talking to our beloved Chiropractor about it when we were in Colorado because it just blows my mind:

If I were to tell you that there’s a Magic Pill that will:

  1. Makes you happier!

    Helps you get better grades!

    Will make you look better!

    Is legal!

    Has no side effects!

    Is FREE!  - would you be interested?

Well, it’s EXERCISE!!!

Ongoing, regular activity over time has HUGE benefits (more so than the things we have that can boost happiness chemically)

Study - 16 weeks of people with major depression. 3 groups (Exercise (3x/week for 30 minutes), Zoloft, & Exercise + Zoloft) - after 16 weeks looked at relapse and health - 50% of Zoloft are recovered (40% relapsed, 10% partially recovered), of the combination, 60% recovered (30% relapsed, 10% partially recovered), and 90% of exercise are recovered (6% relapsed, 4% partially recovered). Isn’t that crazy - that exercise alone is SO powerful! Which is why you and I have tried to make it a priority over the last 10 weeks and each time I feel like not doing it I think about this study and am reminded that ongoing, regular activity over time has HUGE benefits (more so than the things we have that can boost happiness chemically). So that’s a little nugget for you, especially as we enter the busyness of the holidays and the tendency to indulge - for sure indulge and splurge, but just don’t forget to make working out a priority!

And how about you Babe? Do you feel better? How are you doing?

Dave answers

How about you share about the recent opportunities and the open and closing of doors - and how we literally had to say no to opportunities before we had the open doors of opportunity (and some really exciting ones at that)! Oooo, this is fun!

Sure! So a couple weeks ago, in a matter of like 4/5 days I had 3 different friends tell me about the same business opportunity. It was a business opportunity in the graphic design/web design world that would take some investment but would pay for itself in the first year and end up being lucrative, and it felt like the sensible thing to do - to set my family up for financial success and comfort, especially since I had a couple slow months with freelancing and I was seriously considering it and having phone calls with friends and at the same time I was getting these HORRIFIC headaches (verging on migraines) and I was unable to sleep. I think there was a 3-night stretch where we woke up in 4 am hour right Babe.

Yeah, 2 nights in a row I woke up and pressed my phone to see the time at 4:38am exactly, which is super crazy and a whole nother story, but yeah, it wasn’t good and each time we ended up getting up around 5am b/c we couldn’t sleep, especially with your headaches.

I remember on one of those nights we started chatting b/c we couldn’t fall back asleep and I just got this sense that I wasn’t supposed to do the business thing. There was just so peace in my heart/soul to proceed and I was starting to get physically nauseous and you said you had the same sense, just no peace. And the moment I resolved my mind to match my heart, the headaches stopped and there was peace - peace to say ‘no’ and pass up the opportunity. And even though it felt like foolishness from the world’s viewpoint and reason would maybe say make money while you can… I just felt like there was more, specifically in the realm of media and all the dreams we have to impact the world through film and story. I literally felt like we were supposed to say no and keep going - believing and working towards the dreams and the burning passion in our hearts (that has sort of felt more like a few smoldering embers more recently).

And tell them what happened - this is where it gets good…

So right before we left for Colorado I had to pick up a check for some design work. I went into the Conservatory of the Arts School and while I was there one of the staff said they wanted us to travel to China with a team of 10 to help teach creativity and changing the world through art to a group of 300 16-18 year-old students in January! We had to wait a couple days to get the final world but the day after we arrived in Colorado we got the final word that we were cleared and it was a go!

So yeah!!!! For 12 days in mid-January Dave and I will be going to China, my mom is going to come watch Asher and Jadyn, and we’re each going to teach a week-long class on art. I’ll most likely be teaching about writing and creating a children’s book to have social impact and Dave, you’re going to talk about social filmmaking and underlying it all we’re helping empower them to be creators and reminding them that they’re powerful agents of change and creativity.

It really is crazy - one random day and things shifted so drastically - something what was never even on the radar one day and now we’re getting to do empower Chinese Business Students in the very thing that makes our hearts come alive. Plus it’s all paid for and we’ll even get a couple days of tourism in as well!

We’ve never been to Asia yet - I’m SO excited (and a little nervous because we have to start creating and solidifying our lesson plans in the couple weeks)

Dave expand on the significance and the rebranding of how China wants to be seen - shift away from ‘Made in China’ stamp to ‘Created in China’ and being agents of social change

And I know this sounds crazy, but I really think that this open door was hinged on us turning down the business opportunity and in that same week you had a meeting with a guy who has a film project that he’s needing to finish and he’s looking for someone to help produce/edit so there’s potential there and then you got 3 big design projects/ websites and it was all successive like dominios as soon as you shut the door on the practical thing that would have been comfortable and successful but also would have tied you down and killed your creativity and passion.

Exactly - it’s the right opportunity for somebody, but just not me and it’s freeing to realize that and have the courage to trust our guts

And I think it even gets weirder - the beginning of November I started going through the book, “The Art of Creativity,” with my friend Kristen. It’s a book about reclaiming your creativity by getting in touch with your inner child, silencing the Censor, and ultimately unblocking your creativity and it implements this writing technique called ‘The Morning Pages’ where you literally write/journal for 3 full pages each morning, whatever comes to mind. The book has been around for 25 years and it’s pretty life-changing. Because of the holidays, we’re only the intro and 2 chapters in but I feel like I’m highlighting and underlining the entire book. I highly recommend it and Dave, you’ve been going through it as well on your own and don’t you think there’s just no coincidence in the fact that we’ve been invited to a creativity camp in China a few weeks after diving in and fully committing to the process?

It has been really impactful and yeah, I would agree, it sounds crazy, but I don’t think it’s coincidence. I know that we’ve heard Heidi Baker say, “If you don’t quit, you win!” - that’s some good advice there! So I think that this opportunity is also a testimony to the truth that we just have to keep going

Right, and I know that I’m hopeful that this is just the beginning of the more and the hopes/promises we’ve been holding onto for years. And even for the screenplay we’re hoping to write. We finally heard back and there’s been some transition for the guy that we’re trying to obtain the life-story rights to and we’re going to hopefully connect in the next week about that but it’s just been a LONG process, much longer than we anticipated and there’s been mostly silence in the process as we’ve been waiting for him. We’re just gonna keep believing and hoping that we’re the ones to tell his story and that at the time it will work - we’re just going to keep going, in this and in all our dreams and crazy ideas!

And that’s our charge to you as we prepare to wrap-up Season 1 - keep going!  Don’t Quit!

  1. On the Screen - in which we visit and review what we’re watching this week

    Alright, we have 4 movies from the last month so we’re gonna do a lightning round on these:

    The weekend before we went to Colorado we had an extended weekend with Veteran’s Day and we took the kids to the movie to see ‘Searching’

    It’s a super creative film about a teenage girl who goes missing and her dad who frantically searches for her and realizes that in the grief of his wife’s death, he disconnected from his daughter. There’s some elements of suspense but it’s also ingenious filmmaking and storytelling in that the entire movie is watched out on a screen or device of some sort. You aren’t watching a story unfold in the traditional sense through a camera lens, but through multiple media screens. Sometimes you’re watching a laptop screen, sometimes you’re watching a news report on a TV screen, sometimes you’re looking at a phone and reading texts go back and forth as dialog between two people and a lot of the film and story movement comes by watching screens (or screens in screens) as people Facetime each other or connect over videos or apps in a phone. It’s SUPER creative and it totally works and the film which had a pretty low budget because it was an independent was picked up by a big production company at a film festival for major distribution so it’s been super successful! And it has Debra Messing from Will & Grace. I’d give it 10 out of 11 unicorn horns because of the creativity and out-of-the-box thinking!

Exactly what I would have said! Well done! And While in Colorado, we saw three movies…

Instant Family - a heartfelt comedy with Mark Wahlberg and about adoption and foster care. This movie will make you laugh a lot and certainly make you tear up (unless you’re a robot) - it’s SO on-point with the tension of foster care and the challenges of adoption. It’s not sugar-coated and yet it’s also incredibly inspirational. In fact it really is a social-comedy film - I don’t know if there’s a ton of these around, I can’t think of one of the top of my head, but it’s a comedy that addresses the social issue of children in foster care needing homes and adoption and at the end of the time they direct you to a national organization for foster care and the during the credits there are real pictures of families who’ve adopted. I have no doubt that this film will stir hearts, start conversations, and bring kids into forever homes. I’d give this a 10 out of 11 as well.  

Bohemian Rhapsody - Morgan, Asher, and I (and Morgan’s family) went to see this (Jadyn was hanging out with a friend). It’s a docu-drama of the story of the rock band Queen, their beginnings and it really follows the story of the eccentric lead singer, Freddie Mercury. It was super interesting. I had no idea that a ton of the songs of my youth - songs from the 70s and 80s were Queen songs. And Queen as a band has so much quirkiness - they really pushed the boundaries, dreamed big, and didn’t let labels or the public keep them in a box. The film also briefly touches on Freddie’s gay lifestyle and his contraction of HIV/AIDs in the 80s - all of which was done creatively and honoring in my opinion. Again, more than anything this film was interesting and informative and has led to Asher adding the vinyl of the Greatest Hits of Queen to his Christmas list. I’d give this 9 out of 11.

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms - Disney’s live-action spin-off of The Nutcracker. This was actually a bit of a let-down for me. It was shallow and disconnective in story, plot, and character development. I tear up at commercials and so I was waiting for a moment to connect emotionally with any character but it just never got there with any of them, which was a bummer. The plot was predictive which is a bummer especially when there’s so much potential with whimsy and an imaginative world.  The sets and costumes and imagery were really the redeeming nature of the film - they were extravagant, creative, and captivating. I’d probably say this was a 6 out of 11.

Yep! Exactly what I would have said too! We’re on the same wavelengths baby! It’s like we’ve been married for 17 years! ;)

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    3. Right, and at first we were going to start Season 2 the beginning of January, but now with the China trip in the works, we’ll most likely have to postpone that to February because we have a lot of prep work to get ready and we just won’t be able to record...so we love you guys dearly and we’re so grateful for you joining us for season one of Chasing Unicorns - it’s been a joy!!!

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    1. “Today’s show has been brought to you by the phrase, “KEEP GOING” - Life is a marathon, not a sprint! We’re in this sucker for the long haul. Give yourself permission to pace yourself and make choices to to take care of yourself. Continually choose connection, gratitude, and courage. And above all, don’t quit! You have it what it takes. Don’t give up on your dreams, even if they’ve been dimmed - it’s time to press in… into hope, into creativity, into your greatness! Remember, it’s not too late and if you don’t quit you win!!! Keep Going Brother & Sisters! We’re running right there alongside you!

  3. Closing/Signing Off:

    1. “Until next week...keep embracing the mystery, asking questions, and giving yourself permission to enjoy the process. And watch out for those freakin’ unicorns...they’re glitzy and shimmery and full of crap!” ;)

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